Bergerie de l'Hortus rosé

This range comes in three colours : red, rosé and white. The red grapes grow in land parcels low in the foothills, whilst the whites grow at the bottom of the valley. In both cases the plants are less exposed to the elements than those that grow on the higher slopes. Overall, the grapes mature later than those destined for the Domaine de l’Hortus range. The red and rosé vines grow in less deep scree with limestone elements closer to the source rock. They are, therefore, more sensitive to drought. The maturing process requires great care in the cellars, with relatively short periods macerating and maturing.

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Appellation :

Terroir :

land parcels low in foothills. Brown soil formed from limestone scree dating from the Cretaceous period. Hill slopes varying from 10 to 30% at altitudes from 150 – 200 metres. Graps ripen especially late.

Grape varieties :

Grenache, Syrah.

Yields :

35 to 45 hl/ha for land parcels with a density of between 4000 to 7150 plants per hectare.

Vinification :

Direct pressure. Clarification in cool. Fermentation of 3 to 4 weeks.

Maturing :

4 months in vats. Bottled towards the end of winter.

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At the heart of the Pic Saint Loup,
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