Climate : at the winds' mercy

Thanks to its unusual setting between the Mediterranean and the Cevennes mountain range, the Domaine benefits from both. From the sea comes the Marin (south wind) which brings in gentle weather and humidity, whilst from the other direction, the north wind brings cool, dry air.

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These two elements give the Domaine its very special gentle Mediterranean climate which blends with high rainfall and constant freshness. Obviously, there can be definite variations from one year to another, but on the whole, a year's weather can be summarized as follows :

Winter :

winter is usually cool and dry. Morning frosts blend into lovely sunny days. All the same, it's not unusual for snow falls to arrive towards winter's end.

Spring :

early spring is usually cool and wet : real downfalls in fact !!! Then the weather becomes warmer but still wet, which means the water tables fill up before dry summers.

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Summer :

overall, summer is hot and dry. All the same, the month of August typically has considerable night and day time temperature variations : the change from very hot days to distinctly cool nights means the grapes develop a great balance between being mature yet developing aromatic freshness.

Autumn :

mostly sunny in September, which usually means the grapes reach maturity with the right phenol and alcohol levels, so it's harvest time ! Then October rain marks a year's end.

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