Domaine de l'Hortus "Grande Cuvée" white

The ‘Grande Cuvée’ wines, red and white, have their roots in the property’s loveliest land, where water supply is the most reliable. The land parcels benefit from the best weather conditions and the soils both drain well and are sufficiently deep to ensure water reserves protect the vines from summer drought. This results in homogenous maturity with the grapes developing an excellent balance between the quality of the tannins, acidity and aromas. These qualities mean more concentrated work with the grapes (long maceration) and the wine (long maturing in casks).

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Appellation :

Terroir :

land parcels in the valley in the foothills of the Pic Saint Loup and Hortus plateau. Brown soil formed by alluvial, limestone deposits, at altitudes around 150 metres.

Grape varieties :

Petit Manseng, Sauvignon Gris, Viognier, Chardonnay.

Yields :

25 to 35 hl/ha for land parcels with a density of between 5500 to 7150 plants per hectare.

Vinification :

direct pressure. Clarification in cool. Vinification in 228 litre oak casks for the Chardonnay. Viognier grapes vinified in vats.

Maturing :

takes 8 months. Chardonnay grapes in oak casks on their lees. In inox vats for the Viognier.

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At the heart of the Pic Saint Loup,
in the Val de Montferrand, a vineyard
in the heart of the wild garrigue and the hearts of men

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