A cycle is ending, a year of hard work, when everything we have done together comes together. It's the final stage in the vineyard before work is transferred to the cellars. It's a time to rejoice, the culmination of a year's efforts, but also a period of high pressure as the year ends.

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When picking starts :

usually around the end of August for whites, ending in early October for the last reds. So as to pick at the most opportune moment, when the grapes' maturity and their alcohol and phenolic levels are just right, daily samples are taken from each land parcel. Sugar and acid levels are analysed. The colour and texture of the skins are examined then, after the grapes have been tasted, the date to start the harvest is fixed.

Harvesting :

takes place in the cool of the night for the whites, so as to avoid the development of enzymes and oxidative reactions which would damage the wines' aromas. Red grapes, less liable to oxidize, are picked in the day time, but also in the cool.

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Once picked, an initial sorting takes place : stalks, leaves, immature or damaged grapes are discarded.
Grapes are transported to the cellars in sealed bins so as to retain each grapes' aromatic qualities.

Once in the cellars :

the grapes are brought in at the highest level and are gravity fed into the fermentation vats, having previously been destalked and crushed. Vinification can now get under way.

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