Maturing and blending

Year on year we use grapes from the same land parcels for the same wines. All the same, we are always striving for perfection : each year the blends are refined and the maturing process adjusted accordingly. The senses of the taster are paramount, and each year he become more skilled as his knowledge and understanding of the terroir's potential evolves and increases.

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Depending on the wine, two methods of maturing are available : either in inox vats, or oak barrels (220 litres and 400 litres). The maturing wines will have been blended beforehand, grapes from a selection of land parcels and also of varying varieties. Tasting using the nose and palate of the taster is the only tool. A good understanding of the vineyard and of each land parcel's potential is essential if we are to ensure that our terroir's true character comes through year after year.

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At the heart of the Pic Saint Loup,
in the Val de Montferrand, a vineyard
in the heart of the wild garrigue and the hearts of men

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