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There are both red and white grapes growing in the Hortus vineyard which currently covers a little over 60 hectares (150 acres). Mostly planted in the Fambétou coomb, its boundary to the north is the rocky cliff face of the Hortus plateau (facing due south), whilst to the south it's the northern face of the Pic Saint Loup.

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The red vines are mostly planted on hillsides: Syrah is to be found to the north in the shade of the Pic Saint Loup where it benefits from cooler, more humid weather which suits its shorter growth cycle. On the south facing Hortus slopes thrives the Mourvèdre, a later ripening grape with a longer growth cycle which needs strong sun to reach full maturity. The Grenache grapes, which require more general exposure, grow lower on the hillsides.

Cooler land parcels for the white vines are mostly to be found lower down in the valley where the air can be quite cold, especially during spring mornings; this means a slower growth cycle resulting in better acidity in the grapes without affecting their phenolic maturity.

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Created by Henry Florence

At the heart of the Pic Saint Loup,
in the Val de Montferrand, a vineyard
in the heart of the wild garrigue and the hearts of men

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